PrimeDice - Bitcoin Dice

Have you heard about Primedice's Jackpot?

Have you heard about Primedice's Jackpot?
Have you heard about Primedice's Jackpot?
112 Bitcoin just waiting for you!

Roll 77.77 twice in a row to win! The percentage of the jackpot won depends on how much you bet.

Over 0.01 BTC: 100%
Over 0.001 BTC 10%
Over 0.0001 BTC 1%
The percentage won is the minimum of both bets if they are different values. Anything less than 0.0001 is not eligible.

This is a self reporting system, if you win please email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or contact us on Bitcointalk, Facebook or Twitter

If you win, please contact support immediately & do not change your seed, false reporting will result in a permanent ban and forfeiture of all future winnings.
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Boom !! Litecoin is now available ! #litecoin #ltc

We are happy to announce that Litecoin is our first altcoin available on Primedice (more will follow) !
Since this morning you can see 2 different balances in your account : just clic on the drop down arrow on the right of your usual balance and you'll see your Litecoin balance.
2 coins, 2 balances, 2 types or rains in chat, 2 possibilities to win some coins ... double pleasure !
And that's only the first one, we plan to add more altcoins in the future. All the players will have the ability to choose which coin they wanna bet with : smaller amount of high value coin, full coin of middle price coins or lots of cheaper tokens.
And if you don't like other coins ? That change absolutely nothing for you ! The balance by default is still Bitcoin and the experience of dicing you know until there will remain the same.
Have fun, discover it and good luck !!
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Bitcoin cannot overthrow the government. That is ridiculous.
Of course it can, in fact I would argue that it has already begun doing so. For the first time in human history we have an easily transferable, fungible, non-expiring asset that cannot be seized via force or subpoena. Where transactions cannot be nullified, and with the ability to hide the transfer of money to a sufficient degree that working out who owes what in taxes becomes worth less than the cost of doing so. In fact, we already have examples where bitcoin has allowed people to give a brazen fuck you to the law - the most obvious one being SilkRoad. While it was closed down, it allowed many, many people to peacefully trade with very little fear of any physical violence towards them, completely subverting the urges of their governments. It allowed people to transact with more safety than using physical cash and meeting in person1 . It unleashed a hydra similar to that of pirating, as while you can close down one silk-road, all it does is create a more lucrative market for another to appear - have the sales slowed down? Not at all. Lets go with a less-obvious example. Gambling. Online gambling in the US is of course generally speaking illegal, however now anyone with the software capabilities to create a gambling site has the ability to set up a site, run it with relative anonymity, and not risk user funds being seized. Each user has equal access to banking without there being any central party for a government to lean on to remove access.2,3,4,5 Seals With Clubs operated for years out of Nevada, and was recently raided for operating as an unlicensed online-gambling site. The man was held at gunpoint with his wife and two-year old daughter, in his underwear, on his lawn. Meanwhile they seized his electronics, and have begun an investigation into his activities. What has he done? Well, his bitcoin was properly secured, so they have no access to customer funds. He has moved to Antigua, told the Nevada gaming commission to go fuck themselves, and continued operations on a new site. Had this been with dollars the bank accounts would have been seized and user funds lost. 6 Other examples of course include predictions markets, there have previously been many large markets for predicting future events - such as elections. The US government shut down InTrade7 which was based in Ireland. Bitcoin? There are three or four competing sites, which have been running for years. The state cannot enforce laws if they can't exercise control over value. For the first time in history removing your value from government control does not mean removing yourself from the rest of the financial world. 1[1] 2[2] 3[3] 4[4] 5[5] 6[6] 7[7] EDIT: spelling
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PrimeDice stands out in the Bitcoin dice market with its two dice games. Learn about its plans, features, and stand on the current state of the market. Primedice offers its every new member with a Bitcoin faucet bonus. Whenever a new user creates his/her account in Primedice, he/she receives 0.00000001 BTC free to start playing the dice game. Apart from this, the Primedice casino platform also has a Bitcoin faucet. Here the bonus amount of each user goes up when their level increases. Primedice Primedice was one of the first sites to offer bitcoin dice games and has certainly stood the test of time. In the four years since it started it has provided over a million users with a simple, safe, secure way to play with bitcoin. Primedice offer just one game, dice. Opening Account To open […] Primedice Bitcoin Bitcoin Podcast Kn Mining Bitcoin 101 Primedice Bitcoin Bitcoins Mine What Is Bitcoin Value Bitcoin Buy Alaska Miles Canagel Hemp Oil Gel Melts How ... Bitcoin dice game established 2013. Provably fair. Lowest house edge. Instant deposits & withdrawals. Enhanced privacy. Register instantly & gamble Bitcoin alongside 130 other cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin Gambling Primedice Autobetting Strategy 2020

Primedice is the undisputed most popular and trusted Bitcoin dice game. Instantly register and claim free bitcoins from our faucet.PrimeDice Cheats, PrimeDice Tricks, PrimeDice Hacks, PrimeDice Primedice script : Primedice script is updated and safe to use. Contact e-mail for any questions : [email protected] Skip navigation Sign in. Search 🔴 New LIVE Roger Ver discussion about Bitcoin Cash BCH, and Litecoin LTC BCH Bitcoin Cash 3,740 watching Live now Earn $30/hr testing websites [UserTesting Review] - Duration: 11:26. MY BIGGEST BITCOIN WIN EVER PRIMEDICE bitcoin value, how to get bitcoins, bitcoin wiki, bitcoin price in india, bitcoin buy, bitcoin stock price, bitcoin account, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin script ...