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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: SEGA rushes the new Denuvo in new Sonic Mania's plus update which caused many issues for legit players. Including game slowdowns. /r/pcgaming

Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: SEGA rushes the new Denuvo in new Sonic Mania's plus update which caused many issues for legit players. Including game slowdowns. /pcgaming submitted by SimilarAdvantage to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

Is LocalBitcoins.plus a legit LocalBitcoins margin and future trading exchange site?

A friend of mine told me that LocalBitcoins has just launched its first margin and future exchange:
But I found no official announcement regarding this launching on any of LocalBitcoins official websites. I've sent inquiry request to official customer service but has not received confirmatory reply yet.
Can anyone confirm if LocalBitcoins.plus is a legit exchange under LocalBitcoins or simply a scam?
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Guys don’t trust this asshole hooverbay21 he is a lying piece of shit he stole my post from like a year ago,

Don’t buy from this asshole he fucking stole my pic from like a year ago he is a scammer lying son of a bitch don’t trust this jerk. 100% poof he stole this from me.
ShaggyGatz00 post 100% legit that I made a year ago. https://www.reddit.com/juul/comments/ax06xf/ carbon_juul_compatible_pods_review/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf
The Lying asshole post that he posted four days ago: https://www.reddit.com/JuulPod/comments/ixce94/im_selling_all_of_this_plus_a_usb_charger_for_40/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf he is a fucking low life douchbag scammer don’t buy from this asshole. Don’t trust him he only accept cash app or bitcoin red flags he will steal your money he a Fuad you can rot in hell piece of shit fuck you.
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If you doubt Nexo remember there are whales drawing massive credit everyday

Well the adage of following the big money could mean something. Thanks to Joska we can monitor the lending of stablecoin by nexo. I tend to watch it regularily and I notice every day almost there are big loans being made. 500k, 1 million plus even and this suggests to me a lot of big bitcoin whales are using this platform.
This is a good indicator if you knew nothing of nexo that this is a legit business operation.


Thank you to Joska for making this.
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Strongblock (STRONG)

Very small micro cap gem at under $5 million.
Team consists of early EOS devs
Total supply of 10 million but circulating supply is 29k until October.
Token current price around $180 but will skyrocket once it’s listed on Coin Gecko and Coinmarketcap
Bitcoin Jesus Roger Ver is an investor
Very legit project
Info and website can be found at the etherscan link below
This isn’t even really a moonshot. Friends this is a $1000 plus token in the very near future!!!!
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You. Are. Fucked. (and here is why)

Alright boys and girls. You are ALL fucked. You may not realize it yet, but you are guaranteed FUCKED.
So, the reason that you are fucked is that you are subsisting either on a wage, or you are subsisting on a fixed income. Both of these are not dynamic in relation to the number of dollars in existence or even GDP. If you want to read more on THAT particular issue, here is an excellent link: https://www.epi.org/productivity-pay-gap/
Anyways, the fed is buying out the junk bond market. That probably sounds like arcane gibberish, and many of you probably don't even know what a bond is. A bond is like a loan, except you agree to repay the full value of the bond (the principal) plus a fixed amount (the interest) at some later date. For example, you borrow $100, but you agree to repay me $110 in one year. So, what makes a bond a junk bond? Well, companies that might default that issue bonds are considered to be issuing junk bonds. For example Hertz defaulted on its bonds. It went into bankruptcy. The US government gave money away to hertz bond holders to buy their bonds to prop up the company value to try to not let it default... and it defaulted anyway.
But this isn't just about a stupid car rental company. This is happening across the entire market. Notice the stock market going up? All that nice slushy corporate money is being used to buy back stocks. Why? Well, when a company goes bankrupt, they have all kinds of legal moves that they can do, including defaulting on bonds. It is free money. Now, it might not make an impact on your life when the stock market rallies by 10% in 3 months... But it will make an impact when the price of food goes up 10% in 3 months. That is 40% inflation.
But wait it get's worse. The stock markets valuation is grossly overinflated, even going into the pandemic. They had absolutely horrendous p/e ratios and if it had a fair valuation, the prices of stocks would be 1000x lower. What happens when all that nice green cash gets dumped on main street? You. Are. Fucked.
You really only have 1 option. You need to buy stuff, or acquire stuff that is inflation resistant. That means whatever you put your value in needs to be scarce. It should not be something that can have its supply manipulated.
Now certain people here are very much against cryptocurrency. That's fine. Year on year it's gone up and it's gone down, but for the most part since inception it has trended up. However, you need to ask yourself if you trust your dollar. Do you trust it to hold its value? Even when you know the fed has injected literally trillions of dollars into the economy, and that they owe their creditors even more trillions? When you see the police acting like the police of a third world country? When canada declares the US as unsafe for asylum seekers? When the people who make our country competitive (young prodigies looking to go to college) are being turned away at the door? When every single nation is tarrifing us, and is also pointing at us out for having a less skilled response to covid than third world countries like cuba? No.
The US dollar is NOT a safe store of value, and neither is real estate in the US. You need to get your hands on the following items:Gold. Silver. Cryptocurrency. Foreign currency that won't collapse with the dollar. Foreign Real estate. Foreign stocks of companies that do not service us customers.
If you can't buy these items right now because you don't have money, think about low interest loans like mortgages. If you can service the interest cost of a loan, the depreciation of the dollar value is going to cause your goods to appreciate in value. You could buy enough gold today to afford a car with. However, in 3-4 years, that gold will be worth 10x the cost that you paid for it... and you will still be only able to buy a car with it. (ok the car market might crash, but you get the idea)
Basically, if you take out loans now, and put the money from those loans into a diversified portfolio of goods and commodities that will not lose value when the US dollar loses value, you will do very well.
On the topic of cryptos. Bitcoin, ethereum, ampleforth, knc are all good choices. Do your own research though. Stay safe, there are many scammers, and there are many pump and dump groups. Cryptos are legit, but they are the wild west.
On the topic of precious metals. Buy gold and silver coins, not bullion. It is illegal to adulterate coins, or to clip them. This way, you know what you are getting. 1 silver dollar is always 1 silver dollar. The silver is what matters.
Right now, it is better to buy silver than gold, mostly cause silver is so low in price. It will pick up though.
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Financial Peak App – Scam Exposed? [Full Review]

Financial Peak App – Scam Exposed? [Full Review]

For instance, it's powered by great artificial intelligence technologies. Moreover, since it is in partnership with several top-level brokers who are both reputable plus well regulated, it ensures users a seamless experience. Financial Peak official website has top-grade encryption to ensure that the user’s knowledge remains safe and hence, it's thought-about to be a secure platform. Based mostly on these factors, it wouldn't be wrong to say that the Financial Peak is utterly legit and not a scam
Financial Peakranks among the top robots and is considered to have most of the characteristics of being a trustworthy and highly performing trading robot. Many factors made it potential for Financial Peak legit to receive such high ratings and accuracy. However, when we said that the Financial Peak platform is thought to have high accuracy in this Financial Peak review, it will not mean that it's risk-free.

If explained bluntly, then it suggests that that users can additionally lose their invested capital. Hence, if you're interested to speculate in Financial Peak software, then solely invest that abundant quantity which you can lose, just in case if things go wrong. For instance, 250 USD is a sensible starting amount for complete beginners. Once you get the knack of it, you'll gradually increase the amount. You'll be able to deposit on Financial Peak through debit or mastercard, major e-wallets, wire transfer, or maybe through crypto-wallets.

It is also value noticing that users can also create withdrawals with this robot, once they verify their ID through the underlying broker. Though there are risks involved, as the old saying goes you would like to risk something if you want to win something great. It is an IQ based mostly product and hence will have varying results for various folks. Hence, if you're ready and have made up your mind to start making cash with a money peak, then simply be a very little careful and you are smart to go!
Will one want any previous knowledge before operating with Financial Peak software?
The simplest half of Financial Peak is that for using it, one want not have any expertise too.
How aundant should be the beginning depositing amount?

The minimum deposit quantity that the Financial Peak app allows is 250 USD. Therefore, in case you are a whole beginner, it's best if you deposit the minimum amount only.
How a lot of profit can one earn with Financial Peak trading app?

Your earning potential with Financial Peak depends mainly on the trading conditions that you simply apply and additionally on how abundant amount you invested. So, the profits will be varyi
No, not at all. The Financial Peak app is terribly straightforward to use and is mostly automated. Moreover, there's additionally a trading guide which help you thru your entire trading journey

Fred Harris may be a author and performer who got involved in cryptocurrencies at the beginning of 2017 when he was hired to work at a Bitcoin-connected company. He's passionate regarding cryptocurrency, digital rights, IT, and tech and has been a zealous writer and follower of the crypto and blockchain space since 2015. He is specialized in machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and huge information.e

Recently, a replacement trading software was added to the bitcoin investment trade. This software is called a Financial Peakand it is allegedly created by a company or organization called the International Council for Bitcoin.
There is also a letter offered on their web site which has been signed by somebody named David. This person claims to own earned over 1,000,000 as a result of investing in bitcoins. What’s very surprising regarding this letter is that David claims to own earned that big amount in simply one trade. If we put it in straightforward words, David became a millionaire overnight.

We tend to highly doubt that a trading system that has been launched recently can have such potential. To verify the details of this software and to determine its legitimacy, we have a tendency to conducted our own analysis and investigation.

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I moved.

So, yes, I moved platforms. Not bashing on BlockFi, its a great platform, but financially it made sense to move right now. I know BlockFi had their security issue and just hired a new security guy to beef up their security. CDC’s security was great, then just got strict’er. Meaning, they’re serious and yes, serious about security. I’m not being paid by CDC or BlockFi nor am I a registered ambassador. Just a user from USA. CDC allowed me and my family in Hawaii to open up an account with KYC, then get to work in buying bitcoin and other cryptos, putting them in Earn, and earning interest. On of my family friend members was early adopter of MCO and was able to afford the Obsidian black card, amazing. At that time, I had the ruby red.
I was mainly on BlockFi first, then got into CDC last year, got their debit card, then started to upgrade with collecting more MCO, then hyperspace into getting the 500 MCO tier, and just within the last two weeks, the icy white 5000 MCO tier. My wife kept asking if CDC was legit and make sure it wasn’t a scam company. BlockFi is registered in New York under USA laws. Since CDC is allowed to operate in the USA and their bank with the Visa cards is Metropolitan Commercial Bank in New York, I decided to upgrade to that icy white card.
I was going back and forth on whether I should move my funds, which majority were in BlockFi, to CDC’s earn since I am now in the icy white tier. At first, I was like eh....I dunno, maybe I should indeed spread my risk into multiple platforms and not all in one basket. Considering CDC is legit and they’re safe with insurance and that I beefed up my security on my end (email, 2FA, removed phone numbers to mitigate sim swap risks), I was confident with the move. I thought hmmm....bitcoin 6%, ethereum 4.5%, and litecoin 3.8% in BlockFi...hey interest is lower than CDC but safer right? Then I thought, wait, what the heck? I am missing out on bitcoin 6.5%+2% in MCO, ethereum 5%+2% MCO, and litecoin 5%+2% MCO, etc AND CDC is safe in earn, despite it being simple interest I knew I could compound it every 3 months. I was going back and forth on this since my greatest concern was security/insurance. Knowing that CDC has my back, I felt comfortable after speaking with their support crew about all this security/insurance. I thought finally, IT MAKES SENSE since I can earn extra 2% in earn with the 5000 MCO stake plus also get 8% interest on the MCO stake.
Anyway, I’m still waiting for my funds from BlockFi to transfer since they were closed last Friday for Juneteenth. So far the icy white card has been amazing since I was able to make many purchases within my means and still get 4% cash back in MCO. I still use my Amex platinum and Amex gold from time to time for certain things, but the CDC debit card has been my main go to.
I still have some stuff in BlockFi to maintain my client status and see where things go there with monthly compound interest, but I moved mainly to CDC to take advantage of the higher simple interest and earn extra interest rates. With the amount of stuff that CDC is developing and delivering, I’m staying aboard CDC. With this, I still have a ledger nano X, which I keep a small amount there, but majority in CDC’s earn.
What do you think? Let’s hearing your stories.
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Buy bitcoin with gift card or debit card NO KYC or Verification with ID

I’ve spent easily 6 hours looking for a website that I can buy bitcoin with no KYC but have only been lied to by websites that do require ID. Very discouraging and tiring to find no website that works since now every website needs kyc this year :(
Some Info: I used to use paxful but now they require KYC just to use their damn wallet. Which means I have $30 worth of bitcoin lost there.
I live with my parents so I can’t prove I live at any address with documents nor do I want to.
I have a debit card and could buy with that or buy a gift card online and buy bitcoin using that. But I cannot get a Visa or mastercard gift card online. So a legit website using amazon or best buy gift cards or something would work. No kyc obviously.
I live in the US so sites that work here
I’m trying to buy around $100 USD of bitcoin
I don’t want to have to wait a day just get the bitcoin so a quick website would be great
I use blockchain as a wallet but they kyc if I wanted to buy
I don’t want to meet in person to do anything or can’t do the Bank transfer to cash deposit to someone
I have tried this websites and they don’t work for me: Coinmama Changelly (lies about kyc) Bitsell X (Tried using but redirected me to changelly) Also No reviews
Ipayyou (looks suspicious; don’t want to get scammed) Paxful Bitrefill (sold out of crypto vouchers; could figure it out) Cryptovouchers (they kyc don’t want to lose money) Fold app (don’t think you can buy bitcoin using a giftcard only the other way around) Cash App (kyc) BaseFex (couldn’t figure out the derivative markets; don’t think I can just buy using a debit card either) Agora Desk; I might use but it looks suspicious still and would have to use cashapp to buy someone Wall of coins (Have to go in person somewhere) Switchere (Scared of kyc) HodlHodl (Not avaible in us) Bisq (Hard to use; Couldn’t figure out plus high fees don’t want to get scammed) Local cryptos (Dont support payment methods i want) Bitvalve (Inactive sellers wouldn’t respond) TotalCoin app (Barely any seller probably inactive) Coin corner (Not in Us plus lies about no kyc) Kyc not me (none that fit my requirements) Kucoin (only one seller that is selling $1000 or more) Bitquick (Have to go to bank to deposit cash) Buy crypto today (Low amount of sellers)
This is very depressing because it once was very easy and enjoyable to buy bitcoin now their is all this kyc and have to wonder if i’m getting scammed.
Might have to use bitsell x or Agora desk but would rather not.
If you can help or give a good website I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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[H] Microsoft Windows 10 Pro & Home Product Keys | Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus keys | Adobe CreativeCloud 1 Year key | Cheap and Reliable | Warranty & Guide | Limited [W] Bitcoin

Microsoft Product Lifetime Keys & Adobe Creative Cloud

-We have high quality Microsoft Product Keys which are lifetime for a very cheap price,We also allow resellers come to us as bulk buyers..Our products are official no any hacking/cracking involved

-Keys are 100% Legit and lifetime
-No cracking or anything involved
-We accept Bitcoin only
-All keys are lifetime

Product Price
Microsoft Office 2019 Pro Plus 15$
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 7$
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 10$
Adobe CreativeCloud 1 year key 70$
We also have more Microsoft products just hit us up with what you need will provide you!!
[email protected]

or pm me on reddit
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Got scammed, do I have a case?

I want to start off by saying I was incredibly stupid for falling for this. I just needed the money and thought it would've been a good idea.
I fell victim to a scam around a week ago. I posted a post on a subreddit asking for financial advice. I recieved a message from a user telling me they could help me profit from sports betting because they have inside information. He will recieve 40% of the profits in return.
We later moved the conversation to whatsapp. From what I can tell, a fake number is being used. They inform me that I would need to download a betting app and purchase these currency within the app to bet. From what I can tell, the app is legit. The weird thing about this whole situation is this person kept on telling me to buy these currency. He asked for access to the account which I gave him. He just made random bets and proceeded to lose all of them. He told me this was to make my account look legit for future purposes. However, they continued to tell me to purchase more and more and also sending money to a PayPal account. Each time I sent money, I would confirm with him that I will get my money back. He insists each time was last and that I will recieve around 2100 in Bitcoin.
All in all, I have lost around 1k. The money is important to me and I hate myself for falling victim to this. I still don't know what their whole operation is. They seem to have a whole network of people working on this. What do they get from my purchasing from this app? They have no affiliation. They say the money is generated via 50 plus accounts including mine in a network from betting. To this point, I still want to believe they are legit but I have been lied to many times already. I also do not feel comfortable being apart of this. They have told me if I purchase another $150 worth of those betting currency I would be set to recieve the bitcoin. I understand sunk cost and just refuse to proceed with that.
I hope I can go through the justice system to retrieve my money. If not, I want to at least be able to do something about it. The strange part about this person is that they offered to show me their state ID when I questioned their legitimacy. An offer which I accepted and now have a photo of their ID. From what I can tell (I know my track record is bad), their ID is real given it aligns with their Reddit account history. I also have the entirety of the chat history. I hope there is something I can do about this. I know was stupid but I learnt a lesson I will never forget.
Thank you all!
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Onefinex, BDV and Tinder scam: update

Posting for the people who got scammed since they don’t have enough karma. Written by u/moltke01 (and others):
TL;DR: scammers posing as hot girls on Tinder and other online dating apps getting men to invest in shady crypto currency. Once invested, the exchange and currency both get taken down and the money gets lost.
Here's my story plus knowledge gathered from another victim.
So the tinder part of the scam seemed innocent enough with a long "get to know each other" period prior to the COVID lockdown, before any talk about crypto came up
Read this if you haven't already because it's a good summary of things - https://www.reddit.com/CryptoCurrency/comments/gok1ud/scam_warning_onefinex_and_bdv_coin_scam_via_tinde
And then read this one too, posted by another victim of the scam - https://www.signal-arnaques.com/en/scam/view/236089
Recently, Onefinex was taken down for maintenance the day before they were supposed to ICO the BDV coin. Instead of an ICO, I was offered an exit strategy by the girl who explained she had just got herself out of it safely. She would connect me with an institutional investor who wanted to buy entire accounts so they could take Onefinex to court for fraud
Of course there's a fee I paid for this professional service to one of her business associates, but it was a way out so I took it. Considering I had 84x'd my initial investment I figured okay this is worth paying for so I can keep my gains (I turned $700 into $63,000 so... 90x?)
The buyer was paying me in BTC but would only pay on the Dlexcoin.com exchange because that's where his BTC was so I made an account there. Anyway I was going to transfer directly to Coinbase as soon as I had the BTC so what does it matter?
So I received a bunch of Bitcoin in my Dlexcoin wallet address but when I went to withdraw the Bitcoin from Dlexcoin to Coinbase, nothing happened. Doublecheck everything for the transaction including the 2FA I just set up and nothing happened again. I kept getting an error code called "Method" so I emailed customer service and nothing...
I'm later told by the girl that "because money laundering" I can't transfer my BTC outside of Dlexcoin until I first meet a deposit threshold. And if I want the exchange to help me then I also have to bribe an admin like she did.
Well that's enough! That's where I finally got off the CryptoTinder train.
Now again, I'm a total newb to crypto and someone just turned me onto https://www.blockchain.com/explorer where I can see that my Onefinex and Dlexcoin wallets are empty. Pretty cool research tool but I wish I knew about it earlier! As soon as my BTC went in, it was transferred out just as fast, even though the exchange says its still in the exchange wallet
Additionally, the higher account security like a transaction password & 2FA that I set up was worthless. It must be that their exchange only creates the illusion that you are in control of your wallets when actually you're not, and that your accounts show balances they want you to see when they're actually empty.
So in the end, I can only conclude that the only real money in this game was mine. Everything else was smoke and mirrors. The girl's contributions, the BDV gains, the buyer's BTC, all of it faked.
The girl + BDV + Onefinex + Dlexcoin +DLTS = it's all a scam. In research provided to me by another participant, these people are connected to some other scams which seem to pop up and run for 5-6 months before shutting down
onefinex.com dlexcoin.com e-capitaloption.com sabkaprofit.com ok-1.com http://rexbd.net/html/xerohyip/demo/index.html
What's most troubling about all this is they're getting better at this. They're writing these white papers and building entire exchanges, and their recent versions of these things are becoming more sophisticated. Along with their means of targeting. They're evolving their game and at some point they'll probably release something to the masses that looks legit even to experienced people...
And hey, warning! They're pushing a coin called DLTS now so buyers beware. If anyone knows about this then please post somewhere and link back to this article
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What is Crypto Legacy Pro? See Our Detailed Review BITCOIN PROFIT REVIEW: SCAM OR LEGIT?

What is Crypto Legacy Pro? See Our Detailed Review BITCOIN PROFIT REVIEW: SCAM OR LEGIT?

Trading for Bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies, as well as EO coin, Litecoin, and Etherum.
Quick Crypto Legacy Pro withdrawals. Withdrawal requests are processed among twenty four hours.
Compatibility with all types of personal gadgets, as well as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and mainframe computers.
A free Rapid-Fire coaching decision from a professional coach to assist you get started. The Crypto Legacy Pro web site reports that in keeping with statistics, new users who take the call can make a median of $a hundred on their initial trade.
Free access to the Crypto Legacy Software for a limited time. What that means is that before the supply is closed, the only quantity that you may should pay is $250, that is your trading capital. Everything else, as well as the trading signals, can be offered to you free.
Is Crypto Legacy Pro Scam or Not?

Is Crypto Legacy Pro legit? Taking a range of things into thought, this software appears to be genuine. For instance, the way in that it works is cheap, practical and scientifically smart. Plus, all the Crypto Legacypro client testimonials shared on the product web site praise and approve of this software. So are several freelance Crypto Legacy Pro reviews featured on-line? All of that implies that this might be a real piece of software.
Pros OR Advantages ofCrypto Legacy Pro Platform
Users claim that profiting with Crypto Legacy Pro System is as straightforward as selecting the correct signal. You are doing not require any trading skills or expertise to create the Crypto Legacy Pro App work for you. Neither do you need to be knowledgeable regarding cryptocurrencies? Additionally, you are doing not need to slave away or toil the full day to create cash through the Crypto Legacy Pro platform. Instead, you merely would like to pay 15 minutes every day on your device to attain that.
Considering many client testimonials featured on the product website, it is safe to mention that the Crypto Legacy Pro app works just as promised. One trader, for instance, lauded the software for permitting him to make $fifty eighteight. sixty two in twenty four hours. Another one pointed out the very fact that he was able to form profits not solely from Bitcoin however additionally from alternative cryptocurrencies like Evercoin courtesy of the same system. Official claims from the creators state that members create a mean of $2000 every week with the Crypto Currency Legacy App.
You require a comparatively low amount of capital to urge started with the Crypto Legacy Pro App. As an example, you can start making profits by investing as little as $250. As such, you are doing not want to worry concerning creating a big budget to be able to profit from this trading signal software as you would possibly assume
Can You really Build Profits Trading With the Crypto Legacy ProSystem?
The robot reports that there is no limit as to the quantity of cash you'll build. One of the key factors that verify how much you'll create is clearly the quantity of investment you make, but, we have a tendency to recommend that you start with the minimum demand of $250.
Free instant access to your own trading account, when finishing the fast Crypto Legacy Pro sign up process, thus that you'll start profiting immediately. Unlike other various trading software, you do not have to wait for a bound period in order for your account to induce approved initial before you can .
Crypto Legacy Pro Coaching Decision
Last but not least, new members receive a free Rapid Fire coaching call where a professional coach will help them get founded and build the initial profit. Not thus many similar companies will hold your hands till you're ready to go it alone as Crypto Legacy Pro will. Plus, the corporate reports that new members are ready to make a minimum of $100 in their initial trade if they take the call. Also, check our latest review of the Bitcoin Aussie System here.
How to urge Strted with Crypto Legacy Robot

Getting a Crypto Legacy Pro membership is as simple as following the easy steps below:
Open an account: Visit the product website and fill out the form that claims “It’s Not Too Late To Join Us”, which is located next to the merchandise video. After getting into your 1st name and your email address, click on the orange button below that says “GET ACCESS NOW”.
Crypto Legacy Pro AccountThen enter your second name before selecting a brand new auto-generated password, if you are doing not like the initial password. You can do so by clicking on the blue button that claims “CLICK TO COME UP WITH PASSWORD” next to the password field. Once that, enter your phone range and click on the button below that says “START NOW.”
Step 2: Check With Demo Trading: When a successful initial Crypto Legacy Pro login method, this optional feature permits you to apply trading with the software, using virtual currencies, before you begin performing life trading with actual cryptocurrencies. It's a great means to test the software and see its effectiveness before putting money into it.
Crypto Legacy Pro DepositAfter you check and ensure that the software works, you will want to feature money to your account to start trading. You'll do so through your mastercard or debit card not to say via bank transfer services.
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I stupidly lost ~$3000 in a crypto currency scam.

I stupidly lost ~$3000 in a crypto currency scam.
I am an idiot.
I was browsing Twitter and saw a post that appeared to be Elon Musk tweeting about a "New Years Crypto Party Giveaway". I navigated to the website in the tweet and it appeared that Elon Musk was giving away crypto and all you had to do was send in some crypto to verify your wallet address and they would send back what you sent plus up to double what you sent in back. In the moment everything looked legit to me and it seemed that there was a limited amount of time that this would last so I stupidly and frantically rushed to my CoinBase account and sent 0.4BTC or around $3000 USD. Immediately after I sent the money I got scared and regretted not doing more verification on my end to verify the giveaway. Low and behold after only a little digging it became very clear that I just got scammed.
Here was the tweet I saw: https://twitter.com/Eric77461769/status/1213122989480271877?s=20
The website in the tweet was https://muskfun.info/ and it appeared to redirect to a legit Medium Article by Elon Musk. I then clicked the Bitcoin giveaway link in the article and it took me here: https://muskfun.info/btc/
The final site I went to is where I was instructed to send the Bitcoin. It looked legit to me at the time and there was a live log of transactions. But had I looked just a little deeper I would have realized so many signs that this was a scam.

  1. I never checked Elon Musks Official Twitter Account to validate that he made this tweet. I just looked at the screenshot that someone else fabricated for this scam. Initially I was a little skeptical but figured I would checkout the website anyway. Elon has been known to do some crazy things.
  2. The URL took me to a convincing clone of a Medium Article with Elon Musk as the author but it was actually not a redirect as the URL still said https://muskfun.info/ which in its self is a suspicious website name that should have tipped me off. All the comments were raving about how this worked but they were obviously doctored as well.
  3. The final website was the same as the Medium article except it had /btc at the end.
  4. Countless other things I should have noticed but did not.
I'm upset that I lost my money but I could have lost a lot more. I'm mostly just embarrassed. I'm a Software Developer at a large tech company and even used to work at Geek Squad so I am very familiar with these kind of scams. I never thought something like this would happen to me because I consider myself very tech savvy consumer.
I did some Google searching to see if there was any way for me to get my money back through any legal means or by reporting fraud to Coinbase but as I guessed with Crytpo you are pretty much out of luck.
Thanks for listening to my story. Feel free to laugh at my expense. Learn from my mistake. If anyone knows how to give this scammer payback feel free to let me know how!

EDIT: Here is the log of my transaction: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/e806b41205e82452768d1bd7fded2b7e2cfdcd976e469daf07d7a8520f98a930

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08-19 21:25 - 'Crypto.com Taught Me How To HODL!' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/denvermuffcharmer removed from /r/Bitcoin within 5-15min

Wanted to share this website because I feel like it honestly is helping me make better investment decisions. Crypto.com allows you to "stake" your coins in order to get additional returns on top of the market fluctuations. For example, currently I have my ethereum staked for 5.5% returns and CRO coin got 16% returns. Those are GUARANTEED. They also offer an incredible debit card that gives you up to 5% cash back. PLUS, purchasing fees are waived through their site through September!
To the point - by staking your coins you're unable to withdraw them for a certain period of time (1-6 months of your choosing), and so therefore I'm not able to withdraw my money and don't really care that the crypto market is down today. Usually I'd probably freak out and cash out at a loss then be pissed tomorrow when it's back up. Plus, I'm still getting my returns anyways 😎
Just thought I'd share this. If anyone is interested in checking out the site you can get $50 free by using this code (shameless plug) - paabup4n4n
Note: Please do your own research into this company before investing in them. Based on what I've found they seem legit and people in the crypto community speak highly of the site.
Crypto.com Taught Me How To HODL!
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What is svchost?

Lately my CPU usage has been through the roof. I can't use Discord when I play games because Discord lags so hard VC doesn't work, my browser is barely functioning if I like run Minecraft, I think I have a bitcoin miner and I looked at task manager and saw svchost taking up like 25 CPU. Its in system32 so I didn't know if it was a legit file for my computer and happened to take up CPU or it was a bitcoin miner. Its also marked as LOCAL SERVER. I'm scared to delete it because I'm afraid it'll brick my computer. Plus theres this other process that is a system type with no file location called System Idle Process that takes up like 70 CPU, I ran malwarebytes but it didn't change either of these processes, what should I do?
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Bitcoin itself is not a “scam”, it is a digital currency… The scam is the systems like “Bitcoin Profit” which are built to deceive people. They lead you towards believing that they’ll guarantee you to become rich but in reality they’re just set out to trick you into depositing with an unlicensed binary options broker as mentioned in my review above. Bitcoin-Pro.Club Scam Review: LEGIT BTC MINER? OFFICIAL SCAM SITE: BITCOIN-PRO.CLUB. The Bitcoin-Pro.club system claims to be this super powered BTC mining operation. When it comes to the mining of BTC, we are always a little skeptical. This is especially true when we are asked to send our money and BTC somewhere else to let them do all of the work. In terms of the Bitcoin-Pro.club app, we are ... Search titles only. By: Search Advanced search… Offers Free Bitcoin and other crypto currencies faucets for solving captcha as well as by playing games, this is a legit Bitcoin faucets websites. you can easily create your account with the below link and you will also receive some reward coins in your Bitcoin wallet if you create your account with the below link. Create Account . Read Review. 4 Fly-BTC. High Paying BTC faucet because you can ... As part of your Bitcoin investment strategy, we strongly recommend keeping your funds distributed over a variety of platforms to both hedge your risks, and diversify your portfolio. That being said, finding legit, paying Bitcoin investment sites can be a challenge, and navigating the market to avoid scams can feel like running an obstacle course.

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Bitcoin Profit Review 2020, Is Bitcoin Profit Scam Or Legit? The Ultimate Test!

🔥 TRY BITCOIN REVOLUTION NOW FOR FREE http://bit.ly/BITCOINREVOFREE ----- What is Bitcoin Revolution? Bitcoi... Bitcoin Profit (BTC Profit) is a legit and reliable cryptocurrency exchange tool which has come to revolutionize how people trade Bitcoin. It complies with all SSL regulations and has received an ... Sign up to Bitcoin Era today: https://bit.ly/39fk6zK Bitcoin Era is a viral trading bot that helps traders make thousands of dollars trading Bitcoin. The r... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Faucet bitcoin legit Web penghasil bitcoin wd ke faucetpay wallet instant payment... Best bitcoin faucets https://bit.ly/2HwvkpC Faucetpay https://bit.ly/39L...